Quality system

JM provides customers with the highest quality of testing by complying with the management system established based on relevant laws and regulations.

We have various inspection equipment for verification of all customer requirements.

Inspection Tools

  • X-Ray Scanner (SEC X-EYE 7000B)
  • CMM (Dukin SIGMA/ Dukin HIT)
  • CMM (Dukin HIT)
  • Contour Measuring Instruments (Mitutoyo C-3000)
  • Contour and roughness measurement system (Optacom LC-10)
  • Surface Roughness Testers (Mitutoyo SJ-301)
  • Tool master (Pwb tool master quadra )
  • Digital Hydrometer (ALFA MIRAGE EW300SG)
  • Chemical analyze (SHIMADZU OES-5500 II)
  • Colorimeter (LaMotte 1200-UDV)
  • Illuminiormeter (INS DX-200)
  • Digital thermometer (SATO SK-1110)
  • Infrared thermometer (SATO SK-8700 II)
  • Automatic cleanliness analysis system (JOMESA HFD)
  • Extracting system for contamination test